Support The Film

We have successfully raised $133,522 and completed our first round of 

fundraising! Thank you to all of you whom contributed.

We are editing the feature film!  

With your contributions we have:

* filmed 250 hours of beautiful footage in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and beyond - more than 75 percent of the total film.
* edited and posted online a powerful teaser video, showing donors where their money is going
* begun editing the feature documentary

And we need your help...

Padre Spencer's year at Our Little Roses ended in December, the girls have learned to write their own poetry - many for the first time - and we now have shot most of our film.

We still need to raise:

*  $30,000 for our fifth and final trip to Honduras 
*  $65,000 to edit the film
*  $20,000 for score and sound mix
*  $10,000 for color correction
*  $15,000 for marketing and distribution

Your donation is fully tax-deductible!

Our fiscal sponsor, Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society is a 501(c)3, which means donors can deduct their contributions when they file their taxes.

Donating is simple!

By Mail
Write a check to our fiscal sponsor: Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society or OLRFMS. On memo line (in bottom-left of check) write "documentary."

Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society
525 NE 15th St., Suite 100
Miami, FL

By Phone
During Business hours (9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST)
(Visa, American Express, Mastercard)


PLEASE NOTE: When you make your donation (via PayPal) make sure to click the “Add Special Instructions” box before submitting your donation; type “Poetry Project/Film” in the box.

"Los Pobres son muchos y por eso es imposible olvidarlos."
          - Roberto Sosa, Los Pobres