...in a nutshell

Our Little Roses Film chronicles the making of a film about an American-born Episcopal priest who travels to Honduras, the poorest Spanish-speaking country in the Western Hemisphere and, in that, the murder capital of the world - San Pedro Sula - to teach poetry to a score of orphaned teenage girls at Our Little Roses orphanage, at the edge of one of the city's ram shackle barrios.

...what this is really all about

In December 2012, a documentary film crew led by Director Brad Coley began filming at an all-girls orphanage in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Our Little Roses Ministries houses, feeds and educates more than 60 girls at a time, creating a model exception within its 10-foot walls against the backdrop of extreme poverty, violence and lawlessness surrounding the home - "a children's holocaust," a local priest says.

Drawn by a girl who lives at Our Little Roses
San Pedro Sula is a broken promise. Everyday, the metropolitan bus terminal fills with new faces of campesinos who have left tight-knit, barter-and-trade communities to find work in the nation's bustling industrial capital. But here, even low-paying jobs are hard to come by. Empty church pews suggest a breakdown in religious faith. Gangs are community. The harshest sign of that undelivered promise: a city churning with abandoned children - most of them girls.

And that's usually how girls find their way into Our Little Roses.

Each girl who comes through Our Little Roses must confront the same paradox: she must lose everything to get here. But once here, she stands to gain far more than she, or her parents, ever had.

We are filming several girls at various stages of an early journey and tracking them through the course of one year. Some are graduating. Others are just arriving. Some are sad to leave. Others feel trapped and want to leave.

And a poet is teaching the girls to tell their story.

Meet the Crew

Brad Coley                       Director (East of Acadia, The Undeserved)

Cassidy Friedman           Producer (Shallow Waters, Principal, Stories Matter Media)

Audrey Rosenberg          Emmy-nominated Producer (His WayBy The People: The Election of Barack Obama)

Carmen Osterlye              Director of Photography (Etude in Black, Trash and Progress)

Kevin Oliver                      Assistant Editor
                                           Sound Recordist

Also involved in the project:

James Franco                  Executive Producer (127 Hours, As I Lay Dying)

Dar Williams                    Composer