Gangnam Style, In Your Face

The Youtube phenomenon/music video Gangnam Style blasted on the tv and radio at various points throughout our first day at Our Little Roses. 

Each time it did, (by the nativity scene, on the cancha, again by the nativity scene, in the yard) the girls burst into crazed flash mobs - k through 12th, all lined up side-by-side - each bellowing her own interpretation of the original Korean verses. But they all came together on the line "Hey, Sexy Lady!" heads tilted back, closing their eyes, and writhing in euphoria.

Then they did it again. And again. And again. The fourth time the song went on, I didn't bother to look to see if anyone was lining into place. I was too busy dancing.

They didn't tell us this was going to be an around-the-clock, all-girl Honduran rave. When will our shooters get here?! We're going crazy with our horrendous onboard computer cameras.

Gangnam Style, in your face! Nativity scene in backdrop.