Our Little Roses Book Project Blog Launches

by Cassidy Friedman

Just as we nearly have wrapped up editing a trailer for Our Little Roses film, Our Little Roses Book Project Blog has launched! (Stay tuned for the trailer!)

Richard Blanco
According to its authors, who are subjects of Our Little Roses film, the blog "will chronicle the process of Spencer Reece, Richard Blanco, and other visiting writers as they teach poetry to 9th & 11th graders in Honduras. The students will write their own poems and these will eventually be compiled into a book that Reece & Blanco will co-edit. Posts will include some of the students' writing, interviews by Dianne Bilyak with the visiting writers, reflections by the co-editors, and other related entries."

We've included an excerpt of the blog that lays out the poets' plan:

Spencer Reece
Classes have begun and a new blog, associated with the book of poems Richard Blanco and I will be co-editing, has been launched.  The book will be an anthology of poems by the students here and their watercolors will accompany it. We want the voices of the Honduran children to be heard in the world: their hopes and dreams. Proceeds of the book return to the home and students' work will posted on this blog. 

Among other entries, we début with an audio interview conducted by Dianne Bilyakin December 2012, the night of our fundraiser in the home of Andrew Solomon and John Habich.  Dianne is a poet, playwright, and seasoned interviewer of writers (excerpts can be found on the Poetry Society of America's website).
In March we hope to include an entry by Richard Blanco who is still reeling from reciting his poem at President Obama’s second inauguration.  The book blog will keep you up-to-date on the literary progress of this book.  Any questions can be sent to the following e-mail: olrbook@gmail.com