Eyes Will Open: Teaser Goes Live!

(Our Little Roses Film Teaser)

By Brad Coley

Well, March usually brings some early blooms and here we have the first green sprout of our film shooting up into cyberspace. Please take a short break from your busy lives to watch our teaser, which is under 10 minutes long and gives a hint at what is to come. For those of you who have already contributed, thank you. Your donation made this possible. For those who haven't yet, you can still get involved by visiting our Support The Film tab at the top of this page. For anyone and everyone: we want to hear from you: your feedback, your ideas, your response. You are all part of our fledgling community dedicated to telling this important story.

It's a bit raw and unruly as new life tends to be. Also sorely missing its mother (Diana) and not yet spoken its first words (poetry). All to arrive shortly. But certainly a lively thing with a lot of potential and hopefully more than a hint of what is to come. What this baby needs now is what any new creation does - attention, sustenance, and love. We are returning to the home to shoot Tuesday March, 12th, and will be focusing more closely on the inner lives of the girls. Spencer has tried to impart to them that this film is an ongoing process of exploration. A few of them have sensed this, but others are less trustful - with good reason. They have arrived in a world that has delivered on few promises. Only with our regular presence down there can we hope to engage them fully. This is their home, their country, and their film.

At this stage we are surely still looking for feedback and support. We’ve raised $50,000 so far of the $250,000 budget so there’s obviously a ways to go. There are many ways to pitch in here and we’ve already been surprised by the resourcefulness of the people who’ve come down to the home and are committed to its nurturance. Mary Anne Cappellino reached out to her friend Dan Mahoney, a pilot at Delta, who enlisted the airline to help us with two round trip tickets to San Pedro Sula. These actions aren’t just crucial on a practical level, they instill all of us involved with a sense that this film is going to be something special. It's going to involve the world and reach many people.

Coming up soon is a fundraiser on Friday, May 3rd in Miami where I’m looking forward to meeting Richard Blanco, who recently delivered the poem at President Obama's inauguration . He’ll be reading some of his own poems and we have high hopes that he also might be able to read a poem or two from one of the girls. Later in May, we return to the home again for an extensive 20-day shoot. It will be graduation time and by then I’m hoping the film will be maturing and growing along with the girls. We will be, at that point, halfway through Spencer’s year, and poised for many challenges I’m sure. But so far all I can say is thank God. I’ve never been a religious person or espoused any particular faith. But I know the work of divinity when I see it. And hear it and feel it. This place is surrounded by many hard things: heartbreak and tragedy, terrible violence and poverty; and for the most part the world has turned a blind eye to it all. Hasta ahora. Until now.

And please, those of you whom over the course of our filming have become cherished members of our growing community, please circulate this teaser far and wide. Share it with people who care deeply about Honduras and those who hardly know it exists. We believe it's stories of hope like those shared by the girls that will open all eyes.