"My name is Heather Hertz"

By Heather Hertz
Production Assistant

(Producer's note: Heather Hertz's anglophone name comes from her father, an American who moved to Honduras, married a Honduran and had Heather. After her father died, Hertz spent the remainder of her childhood in Our Little Roses. The film crew recruited her as a production assistant for filming.)

A few weeks ago, someone told me that a group of people was coming to Honduras to make a movie about OLR, and that they need someone to help them with the audio. I thought it was going to be only one more video of the home i didn't have a clear idea how professional and big this was going to be,

I was supposed to email Brad so that I new what they were looking for but I totally forgot. Two of them Brad and Cassidy arrived on the 15th of December at night, so i went to the home to meet them the next day. We sat in the girls dining room for a long time. We spoke about what they needed from me and I told them a little bit of my story.
"I used to think i knew the girls but with their interviews i realized i didn't really know them."
"Down in the back!": Heather and producer Cassidy prepare to duck
out of  sight from the camera in the back of a bus.
At the beginning I thought I was only supposed to find a person who would help them with the audio and I didn't realize that I was the one who was going to end up helping in it, at first I didn't know what to do i had a little trouble understanding some of the terms and names for the microphones but all of them helped me and made my job easier, for the filming we all ended up involved in making sure the audio was right. I didn't know how much work it took to do film making everything has to be perfect if you want high quality and that is what this people are looking for and I'm really happy to be part of the team, during all this time i haven't been just the girl who helps them i have been treated like one more member of the team. 

This experience has been new and interesting to me, i have learned many things with all of the team and also got to meet some of their families and relatives.

Heather installs a wireless lavalier microphone 
Heather slates an interview

I used to think i knew the girls but with their interviews i realized i didn't really know them, i got to hear how and what they really feel about themselves and about the home, this movie has giving the girls an opportunity to express themselves.

My name is Heather Hertz, im one of the older girls in OLR, have been living here for 13 years, and i thank God everyday for giving me the opportunity to come to this wonderful place. And for giving me the opportunity for meeting all this wonderful people who are trying to show the world what an amazing place the home is and how it can change peoples lives not only for the girls living in it but also to the people who visit us and has fallen in love with it.

Heather synchronizes video and audio with a clap of the hands.